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Interactions with Members of the Public, Patients and Journalists


Where the requirement to disclose transfers of value to Members of the Public, Patients and Journalists exist, the information is presented below. If information is not visible for a country, Norgine is not required to disclose such transfers of value as per local Codes of Practice. The information provided will typically include the fees paid and any associated expenses, as well as the type of service that was provided, e.g. speaking at meetings, providing assistance with training, advising on the design of clinical trials, participating in market research with remuneration and/or travel, participating in advisory boards, writing articles or publications


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2022 Annual Disclosure for Members of the Public and Patients

2021 Annual Disclosure for Members of the Public and Patients



Collaborative Working with Organisations


Norgine is involved in collaborative working projects which either enhances patient care or are for the benefit of patients, or alternatively benefits the Health Services (e.g. NHS in UK) and, as a minimum, maintains patient care. Find out more about these projects by reading the executive summaries below.


United Kingdom

Patient Information Forum – Being Induced Survey – Executive Summary



Norgine Retirement Benefits Scheme


View the NORBS statement

The Trustees of the Norgine Retirement Benefits Scheme (NORBS) have drawn up the Statement of Investment Principles to comply with the requirements of the 1995 Pensions Act, the Occupation Schemes Regulations 2005 and subsequent legislation.