Our story

We are committed to building a future together by staying true to our heritage over the past 110 years of adapting, innovating and growing.

Founder Victor Stein extracts sodium alginate from seaweed imported from the North Sea, which he names Norgine.

Norgine launches pharma products and a few years later becomes a supplier of insulin in Europe.

Norgine is re-established in Western Europe.

Manufacturing starts in our current Dreux and Hengoed sites.

Norgine licenses in and launches KLEAN-PREP®.

Norgine develops and launches MOVICOL® and MOVIPREP®. MOVIPREP® becomes Norgine’s first product approved in the USA.

Norgine launches XIFAXAN® for patients with hepatic encephalopathy.

Norgine in-licenses European rights for LYMPHOSEEK®.

Norgine acquires Merus Labs International Inc. EU approves PLENVU®, the world’s first one litre PEG bowel preparation.

Norgine in-licenses FERACCRU®. FDA approves PLENVU®.

Launch of MOVICOL® in Japan.

Norgine acquires Azanta A/S.

AMAG pharmaceuticals and Norgine B.V. enter into exclusive licensing agreement to commercialize ciraparantag in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Norgine is a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company that has been established for over a century and has a presence in all major European markets, Australia and New Zealand.